Kimberlee Leonard

Hey there! I’m a single mom, just like you. Sure we got to this point in different ways.

Yes, we might be on different timelines. Either way, I know that every single mom I’ve ever met, I felt a bond already existed.

Whether we speak about it or not, we both know that tomorrow we will once again dig deep down into our soul to find the energy, the strength to do what is necessary to raise our children as if…

  • they had two parents juggling the income, house and child duties;
  • we had all the energy in the world to make that special dish for the class potluck tomorrow;
  • figuring out how to take a few minutes for ourselves without feeling like we are taking away from our babies

Sometimes the list doesn’t feel like it’s going to end. I started this to share my story because after 13 years of single motherhood I’ve been asked many times: how do you do it?

Life should be fulfilling. We should enjoy being moms without all the extra guilt. This is my mission – to help remove this guilt.

My story

Getting here (single motherhood) is no secret. I met the wrong guy and had a child with him. Maybe the guy was the mistake, but my son is my gift, a saving grace that changed how I see the world – a positive adjustment of my goals and lifestyle.

Over the years, I’ve made some good choices and some bad. But one thing I’m proud to say that I’ve accomplished is being present in my son’s life.

At times this meant sacrificing higher paying jobs and career choices.

At times this meant limiting my personal time for hobbies and friends.

At times this meant changing my interests to understand the interests my son had at the time.

Through it, I learned a lot about myself, developed an amazing relationship with my now-teenage son, and met great people while I was trying new and exciting things like flying airplanes, canyoneering and rock climbing.