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Getting Out of an Unhealthy Relationship

Breaking up is hard to do under the best of circumstances. Getting out of an unhealthy relationship has internal dynamics that make is all the harder to end. Understanding what makes a relationship unhealthy helps the person leaving to…
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International Women’s Day: Single Mom Style

It is that day where we celebrate how far we have come. Welcome to International Women’s Day and make it great. You’ll see it all over the internet with people saying “Happy International Women’s Day,” with cute meme and emphatic,…
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When Family Traditions Become a Burden: Single Mom Struggles

When Family Traditions Become a Burden: Single Mom Struggles Family traditions mean different things to people. Traditions can be events, projects, crafts, stories or just a certain dish on a special holiday. Family traditions are important…
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Finding Your Single Mom Tribe: The Right Support Group

Finding Your Single Mom Tribe: The Right Support Group Cheers was the record-breaking sitcom of the 80s and early 90s because it touched on what every single person wants: a place to belong. Your tribe accepts you, all of you. The hysterical…
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Single Mom Raising Boys: Finding Male Role Models

Most days, if the phrase, “moms raising boys” hits the news there either is a school shooting, reviews of gang violence or other youth violence. Troubled boys without a father-figure in their lives is often a primary topic of concern. Some…
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Disciplining Your Child: Co-Parenting Rules

“I can’t make you do anything.” I can still remember the first day I said it to my son. He got in trouble for not being nice to his friend who was over. When the playdate was over, he was sent to his room to sit on his bed without toys.…
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Disbanding jROTC: a Solution for Safer Schools?

Recent school shootings have everyone calling for change. The women-led activist group CODEPINK is calling for a national disbanding of jROTC programs. Not only will this not solve the problem, but it will hurt the thousands of students helped…
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Teaching Our Kids to Deal with Bullies

Bullying has evolved with consequences not limited to increased teenage depression, violence and suicide. Advocating for more laws and school intervention is necessary, but we can’t limit our fight to advocacy because bullies will always exist.…
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Putting My 8-Year Old In Charge of the Budget

I’m pretty lucky; I have a teenage son who not only thinks about things before he asks me for money but will walk through a grocery store and read labels and price shop.   He bought me a $235 backpack that I wanted for my birthday…
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Why I Let My 9-Year Old Wander the Airport – ALONE

Go ahead and judge away. I can feel the scoffs, sideways looks and complete shock at the idea that a mother would allow her child to wander an airport by himself.   I’m that mother! And proud to be her!   Letting your…