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How to Make a Singles’ Valentine’s Day Not Suck

Oh crap! It’s that week where there are hearts everywhere and guys and girls planning special moments for Valentine’s Day. This year is even worse than most since Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday, making romantic late nights even more feasible. Gag!

Don’t get me wrong; I’m just a bit jaded this year. For years I’ve been focused on being a mom, getting work done, and getting to bed early. For whatever reason, for years I’ve been able to put on blinders to this day of love not even needing to rely on single mom nights out to get me through it.

This year needs to be different. I’m about to be an empty-nester, have hit mid-life crisis mode, and really need a break from work – so don’t expect me to dive in to distract myself.

Are you single and looking to not gag this year with all the red and pink everywhere? I got you covered!

Here are 5 things to do to make your singles Valentine’s Day not suck (so badly).

Make It a Dog Day

Face it, you were dating a dog and you are free now. The best thing you can do is stop projecting your love of furbabies with the love of a man. Remember that a dog is the only one who loves you more than he loves himself. Sure, certain things can’t be satisfied, but there are other solutions for that.

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Don’t Do Wine If You’re a Crier

Everyone responds to alcohol differently. Some of us get giddy, others fall asleep, and then there are those of us who start to sob as we drunkenly realize everything we want is everything we don’t have. Before you think a bottle of wine with your favorite rom-com is the way to spend a solo Valentine’s Day, let me remind you that you will still wake up Saturday morning alone. If you’re a crier, you’ll need a different solution.

Stay Away From “Those” Places

You know the places I’m talking about – where you used to go with your ex. It may be one of your favorite places with the best food and you might be going with your besties, but on Valentine’s Day this is pouring whisky on a papercut. It’s just not a good idea. Get over those memories any other day of the year, unless, of course, you are looking to shock your system to hasten the healing process. In that case, go and enjoy your sadistic self.

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Don’t Go On a Dating Site for the Week

Seriously! If you’re there, you have some unrealistic romantic notion that he will magically appear and take you on some dreamy date. You and I both know that both of you are just looking to not be alone and ideally get laid thanks to loneliness. Take the week off – those messages will still be there next week. This is not the week to try to find Mr. Right because you’ll be sitting next to him and his newly engaged Miss Right at the restaurant as you sit on some awkward date that you shouldn’t have said yes to. 

Embrace the Suck

That is my son’s phrase, coined while doing a mud run-like competition for his JROTC team. I think he’s on to something. No matter what you do, you’ll likely be alone and if you still aren’t comfortable with this fact, just about anything you see or hear on Valentine’s Day will trigger that. Embrace the suck means you acknowledge that things are hard and may hurt but you still put one foot in front of the other, try to find the small things to smile about, and patiently wait for February 15th to roll around.

I’m in this boat with you this year. For the first time in a long time, I’m sad to not have someone to share the evening with. Yes, I’ll be with some girlfriends and I’m sure we will have a blast. The reality is the lead up is what can make this so hard.

We’re in this together so drop me a comment about your plans. And if you need a little extra support, check out the Single Mommy Tribe on Facebook. We are some cool women who will do everything we can to make you laugh on this very difficult day.

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