Stay At Home SINGLE Mom

Hey Mom Tribe,

Ever feel like being a single mom dictates your life decisions? And not always for the better?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

If you want to stay home with the kids and still make enough money to live a high-quality lifestyle, this is the most important book you’ll ever read.

It seems impossible, I know.

Society has painted single moms into a corner, haven’t they? Labels associated with single moms include being on welfare or unemployed. Those who have a great lifestyle are often assumed to be living off of their ex-husband, somehow having found a way to take advantage of the system.

You probably think about being home with the kids and still being able to live:

  • in a nice neighborhood where you feel safe and accepted
  • afford nice vacations and holiday trips
  • buy extra without worrying about every penny

In fact, the dreams you had while with your ex-husband to provide an amazing life for your children probably hasn’t changed just because you are no longer married.

Listen. I was that mom. Every dream and hope I had for my son and every vision I had of his childhood seemed as if it were ripped from my heart the day I became a single mom.

But, then I figured out that I didn’t have to sacrifice my dreams for my son’s future just because I got a divorce. You see, my dream was to be a stay-at-home-mom. It occurred to me that there was no requirement saying that I had to go and get a real job.  That isn’t to say I didn’t work.

Let me show you how I learned to be a Stay At Home Mom while being a Single Mom.

A blueprint for success

Like many of you, I became a stay at home mom when my child was born. It was a family choice, striving to become the best mom for my son and the family luxury of being able to afford to do so. In becoming a SAHM, I left a great career in corporate America.

I loved everything about being a stay at home mom. Being present for my son and seeing his daily growth as more rewarding than any recognition I had ever received.

Divorce threatened all of that.

It took me some time but I realized how to use my skills, my experience and my diverse talents to build a profitable writing career. That and a whole heck of a lot of stubbornness.

This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. In fact, I made more mistakes than I can count along the way. That helps you.

My mistakes become your experience, helping you fast-track a freelance career beyond making a few bucks to making an income that matches, in not exceeds the family income you had while married.

How would that feel?

More than just my story

My story is merely a way to help you understand that I understand. I went through all the same trials and tribulations that you have – maybe are still going through.

This system has worked for countless moms that I’ve shared the blueprint with. Whether you can’t return to the real work world because of a disability or some extraneous circumstance or you simply don’t want to leave your children to be raised by daycare providers and sitters, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to. Not if you apply what I teach in the book.

And while the book is about my rise as a freelance writer, the gig economy makes this blueprint work for almost any type of career you can do from home: web design, graphic arts, virtual assistant. The possibilities are endless with your desire to succeed and this blueprint.

Worried there isn’t enough work out there?

Worldwide, 75% of companies focus on inbound marketing.

A majority of that is outsourced to people like you and me. 

You want a career. They need writers. I can show you how to connect yourself to them.

I’ve been a professional ghostwriter and business consultant for 18 years. I’ve been in the trenches and have learned from pros, mentors and a host of my own mistakes.

Let’s cut your learning curve down with this book.

Here’s a fraction of what you’re getting…

√ Understanding what it takes to become a professional writer.

√ How to overcome the fear of failure when starting a writing career.

√ Discover where to find mentors and how to cultivate that relationship.

√ Build a portfolio of work while getting PAID to do so.

√ Pick a niche based on your experience and education.

√ FREE access to a 30-Minute Webinar that shows you the next steps in building your career.

√ An invitation to my Facebook Group designed to help you build a career and business.

And much, much more!

Do you kow what you’re going to love more than anyting?

Being the hero to your family

Reading a book is one thing. And you’ll be glad you read this one.

By creating a career where you have flexibility and control allows you to be present in the lives of your loved ones.

I wouldn’t take back a day of my career because it allowed me to make every school and sporting event. My son had mom there and I don’t think I’d have the relationship I have with him today if I did it differently.

As you implement what you learn from my book, you’ll see you’re kids’ admiration for you grow!

That isn’t to say they didn’t adore you before all of this but watching you build a life for them in front of their eyes makes them appreciate all the time they have with you. It also demonstrates, first hand, perseverance and diligence!

Your success becomes their building blocks for goal setting and success. How’s that for a double win?

Set your goals on YOUR terms

That’s right! You get to achieve all your financial goals for your family and be the hero at the same time.

→ Achieve your financial goals like buying a home or saving for college.

→ Make all the field trips, class parties or other family activity you want, without having to request time off.

→ Be the envy of other moms (and dads) who hit traffic every morning and gt home after sundown.

It is time for you to take CONTROL.

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